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Adya Kali Jayanti

Category: Holidays » Hindu holidays

Adya Kali Jayanti
11 August 2020  tuesday
29 August 2021  sunday
18 August 2022  thursday

293 days before

Adya Kali is one of the Primordial Devis of the famed Dasha Mahavidya. The meaning behind the name Adya Shakti literally means a primal power or a primal energy.

Adya literally means primal and shakti means power or energy, which means not only Adya Kali is the epitome of the primal power; but she herself is the primal power.

Devotees recognize Adya Kali as Adya Ma and she is the representation of Durga, Kali and Parvati who creates as well as nurtures. She is the eternal power that creates and it is believed that all other Gods in the Hindu divinity are manifestations or representations of Adya Kali.

She is the force that created and she is the force that nurtures and she is the force in which everything will be sucked into.

Adya Kali is worshipped with great fanfare in many parts of India, particularly in West Bengal. Though Adya Kali and Kali share the same core, the manifestations are different.

Adya Kali is known and celebrated in various parts of India in various forms. In Tamil Nadu she is known as Meenakshi Amman, as Amba Devi in Gujarat, as Vaishno Devi in Jammu and Kashmir, as Attuku lAmma in Kerala apart from Durga and Kali. Her other name Adya Kali is supremely symbolic. It means the primordial darkness. It is the relentless darkness from which light emanates, and from which everything is born.

Adya Kali has a famous temple dedicated to her in Dakshineswar, Adyapeeth, West Bengal. On the day of the Adya Kali Jayanti, the deity is beautified and worshipped. Devotees worship the Goddess with flowers, sweets, rice, incense sticks and lamp. Devotees chant the Adya Stotram to appease the Mother Goddess and seek her blessings. The Adya Stotram it is said was composed by Annada Thakur in a dream. It is believed in lore that Adya Stotram was narrated by Adya Kali herself to Annada Thakur, when she came to see him under the disguise of his aunt. The Adya Stotra itself says that it is a part of the ancient Bramha Yamala Tantra which is a part of the very old Agama scriptures.

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