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Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti

Category: Holidays » Hindu holidays

Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti
17 October 2020  saturday
07 October 2021  thursday
26 September 2022  monday

330 days before

Agrasen Jayanti (literally "Agrasen's birthday") is the birth anniversary celebrations of a legendary Hindu king Agrasen Maharaj. He was king of Agroha, and it was from him that Agrawal and Agrahari clans originated. Agrasen Jayanti is observed on the fourth day of Ashwin month of Hindu calendar.

The Government of India issued a postage stamp in honor of Maharaja Agresen in 1976 on occasion of his 5100th Jayanti.

The UP state Government has officially declared holiday on the occasion of Agrasen Jayanti in Uttar Pradesh. In North Indian state of Haryana, there is also a public holiday on Agrasen Jayanti. This day is a gazetted holiday in the state of Punjab also.

Devotees make special preparations to make Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti special. The birth anniversary of divine leader Maharaja Agrasen with colorful procession and various cultural programmes which is conducted throughout the day at different places of the India. The Jayanti is celebrated by the Vaishya community with full religious devotion. Agrasena jayanti is celebrated in across India among Agrahari, Agrawal and Jain. On this day, descendants of Agrasena busy themselves in social welfare activities. Free medical camps, food distribution and several cultural functions and program are taken up to spread the message of equality and brotherhood. They honor Agrasen for his ideals in life and try to follow his footsteps.

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