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Kalabhairav Jayanti

Category: Holidays » Hindu holidays

Kalabhairav Jayanti
19 November 2019  tuesday
07 December 2020  monday
27 November 2021  saturday
16 November 2022  wednesday

27 days before

The Birthday of Bhairava is celebrated as the occasion of Kalabhairav Jayanti. This auspicious event falls after Poornima in the month of Karthik, on the day of Ashtami (The eighth day after the full moon). Kala Bhairava or Kaal Bhairav is a great demonstration of Lord Shiva.

It is important to note that Kala Bhairava is the violent form of God Shiva. According to the hindu calendar this day is observed on the ashthami or eighth day of Krishna paksha in the month of Margashirsha. It is also known as Maha Kalashtmi, Kala Bhairava Ashthmi or Kalashthmi. On this day devotees worship manifestation of Lord Shiva as Kalabhairav and execute special puja for deceased ancestors.

The meaning of word kaal is time and the word Bhairav represents Lord Shiva, thus, Kalabhairav is worshiped as the God of time. The jayanti is celebrated with lot of zeal and enthusiasm in different parts of India.

Story of Kala Bhairava is mentioned in Shiva Maha Purana. According to the Maha Purana, once upon a time, some controversy occurred among Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu on the fact that who was the supreme of them. Comment passed by Brahmaji in that argument made Shiva furious. In his anger and furiousness, Lord Shiva cut a small nail from his finger that transformed into Kalabhairav.

This form of Kaalbhairava cut off the head of Lord Brahma in his anger. In the avatar of kaal bhairav, he rides a black dog with a baton in hand. The demigods got scared with this horrifying avtar of Lord Shiva. After all this Lord Brahma made an apology and realized his mistake in front of Kala bhairav. All Gods, Lord Brahma, sages and saints asked Shiva to calm down and restore in the original form.

However, it is also believed that the avatar of Kalabhairav has to pay for his deed of cutting the head of Lord Brahma. He has to roam around the entire world in the form of a beggar along with the head of Lord Brahma as his begging bowl. He was required to do this to resolve the vow of Kapali and resolve his sins. When he reached Varanasi, his sins were resolved and the vow of Kapali was also resolved.

The following things are required on the occasion of Kalabhairav Jayanti:

- Kaal Bhariav Gutika
- Strotra Book
- Sidh Kala bhairav photo
- Kala bhairav Mala

On the occasion of Kalabhairav Jayanti, the devotees used to stay awake for the whole night and worship Lord Shiva by reciting prayers and mantras. At midnight, aarti is performed with beating drums to worship Lord Shiva. Thereafter in the early morning, devotees take bath and prayer is performed for their departed elders. The Vahana of Lord Kalabhairav is a dog and thus, on the occasion of Kalabhairav Jayanti, dogs are offered with milk, sweets, curd and other food items by the devotees.

It is believed that the occasion of Kalabhairav Jayanti is able to provide the devotees with magical effects that can transform their lives. With the blessings of Lord Shiva, all kinds of problems and difficulties are eradicated from the path of the worshippers and they are able to become a wealthy and successful person. The devotees are also blessed with good health and are able to face all kind of situations with courage.

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