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Buddhist holidays and festivals in 2017

Buddhist holidays Category: Holidays » Buddhist holidays

05 January (thu)   Bodhi Day

12 January (thu)   Mahayana New Year

11 February (sat)   Magha Puja

15 February (wed)   Parinirvana of Buddha Shakyamuni

25 February (sat)   Ritual purification (Dugzhuuba)

26 February (sun)   15 Wonders of the Buddha (Monlam Chenmo)

26 February (sun)   Tibetan New Year (Losar)

26 February (sun)   Mongolian New Year (Tsagaan Sar)

12 March (sun)   Sangha Day

12 March (sun)   Chotrul Duchen

12 March (sun)   Avalokitesvara's Birthday

11 April (tue)   Theravada New Year

13 April (thu)   Thai New Year (Songkran)

03 May (wed)   Buddha's Birthday

11 May (thu)   Kalachakra festival (Duynhor-Khural)

11 May (thu)   Vesak

15 May (mon)   Plowing day (Raek Na Khwan)

09 June (fri)   Poson Poya Day

03 July (mon)   Birth of Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava)

06 July (thu)   Birth of Dalai Lama

09 July (sun)   Dzam Ling Chi Sang

09 July (sun)   Vassa

09 July (sun)   Dharma Day (Asalha Puja)

26 July (wed)   Gyre of Maitreya (Maidari-Khural)

07 August (mon)   The Festival Of The Tooth (Esala Perahera)

07 August (mon)   Commemorated of Arhats (Naidani-Khural)

06 September (wed)   Ancestor Day (Ulambana)

06 September (wed)   Ghost Festival

05 October (thu)   Kathina

05 October (thu)   Pavarana day

04 November (sat)   Loi Krathong

04 November (sat)   Anapanasati Day

09 November (thu)   Lhabab Duchen

18 November (sat)   The Elephant Festival

03 December (sun)   Day of protectors of the Doctrine (Palden Lhamo)

13 December (wed)   Feast of thousands of lamps (Zula-Khural)

25 December (mon)   Bodhi Day

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